“Why I believe in Missouri’s Best”

My wife and I have lived on our ranch for over 20 years with llamas. We are about 20 miles from real live commercial enterprise. Consequently, its hard to find help and its even harder to find those that do our work and disappear. We use to think referral sites were the answer or City Associations might work. The end result under all these listed circumstances were about the same.We always seemed to be left with something that we were not happy with.

Oh, you can block payment awhile for poor work but eventually you just wear out with arguing with the credit card company the Attorney General’s Offices and so on. We have on many occasions hired another contractor to finish and fix what another has done. Not just contractors, we watch TV commercials from a furniture dealer we had bought from a few years ago. Week after week they advertise and yet we know a small date reporting condition barely visible to the naked eye, voided our furniture damage claim. However, they just keep on doing it because its somewhere in the fine print.

I thought about the products and services over the years we had purchased and began to assess. I asked myself why were some good and why were some bad. I also, changed a little of my standards. I was looking for someone who didn’t have to be the best in his field but someone we could trust and rely on what he said. After looking at this I began looking at a product/service provider in an almost fiduciary manner, I asked myself, do they have anything else in common? The answer was unequivocally yes!

Nearly, 75% of the product/services we purchased and were pleased with came from businesses that supported local community needs. These were organizations that were serving the community and not eating off of it. There’s just a different mine set between a business providing communities goods and service and giving back to that communities needs. Versus businesses utilizing there good and services to capture the community’s needs.

Missouri’s Best  www.missourisbest.com is as good as we can make it. Our state has taken a “Black Eye” because of recent political/social unrest. We need to let people know that we care about one another. We want people to be treated and served fairly. Businesses, nonprofits and religious institutions listed on Missouri’s Best are good solid reliable and trustworthy enterprises that are charging a fair price, offering a good product/service and supporting the needs of the community it serves.
Our job is to keep it that way and not discriminate with high prices. Your job is to sign up and let it be known of you http://www.missourisbest.com/

Dr. James R. Wining, President
Acts Ministry, Inc.
Acts Media Group

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