“Why Don’t I Give out Business Cards,” by Dr. James R. Wining



I was attending a party the other day and a young lady after speaking with me, asked for my business card. In soft and I hope kind words I said, “I no longer give out business cards.” She hurriedly pulled out a piece of paper asked me for my phone number and email which I gladly gave to her. She put out what I now phrase “The First Level — Accountability,”-show more than passive interest.

While attending a charity event a couple approached me for support of their new nonprofit. We visited about their goals and aspirations. Their endeavor was worthy but their means were based on the backs of others. I suggested they seek out businesses for Missouri’s Best listing. They would receive an income and enjoy further publicity through the recognition of every business listing posted. This is “The Second Level – Obedience,” to the cause in all aspects.

Finally, the other day I heard from a broken woman. She was desperate for housing, food and most importantly a job. I ran The Free Store in Missouri and know the desperation of food. Of course, I bought her some food and called a shelter for her emergency housing. However, her employment opportunities by appearance, demeanor and clothing were greatly lacking. I said simply would you like to sell B2B listings on a site focusing on the community, doing the right thing and serving the public with trustworthy products/services? Her instant statement was I need at least $10.00 an hour.  I said sorry it’s a good paying commission job. This “The Third Level,” –Commitment”- show for yourself and for others you are prepared to sacrifice for a cause, a personal need or whatever it takes to make a difference in your life and others.

Chances are life will continue to separate and worsen. We see less and less sincerity of the conviction that was expressed by Jesus Christ. Don’t stop being there but be there in a way that has love, teaches conviction and gives back in a lasting means.




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