“Whose Paying Attention” by Dr. James (Jim) R. Wining






runfor lifeHave you noticed how few people participate with a Body of Christ? Do you notice the lack of connection between Christians and the general public? Does it seem Christians and the World are living in two parallel worlds? Are you hoping some how a new political figure or a news channel will express what you believe as a Christian? However, have you just thrown your hands in the air and said “I give Up!”

Isaiah 1:19 If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of The Lord.” God made it clear the walk required sacrifice and hard constructive effort. How hard is it to “Love your enemies as yourself,”  “It is more Blessed to Give than receive,” or “forgive those who have trespassed against you.” Yes, we can receive assurance and safety in a Church. We also can worship God and receive personal correction.

However, are you relevant and truly walking the walk of sacrifice obedient to God “In Harm’s Way from a church body?” Regretfully, Christians seem to be doing two actions which in different ways are both irrelevant and passively disobedience. First, they retreat into their church building and attend only their own church functions and connect only with their known “Church Friends,” on Sunday, Wednesday, etc.  The second group opens their church and lifestyle up without appropriate example of exactly what a Christian looks like. Under both circumstances the public is left clueless by omission or by separation as to nature of Christianity.

So “Whose Paying Attention?” and how can we become relevant before Christianity as we “Biblically Know” is erased from mankind. First, we must carry Christianity to 1) Social media, 2) Internet media (websites, Internet TV & Internet Radio), 3) inside business environments and 4) Promote Social causes in the practice of Christianity for issues such as veterans, homelessness, drug/alcohol addictions, autism, sexual abuse and marriage/family support. Thousands if not millions of people will be listening to your works and will see the compassionate actions of love by a caring Faith.

We here at Acts Ministry, Inc. have set up the means through Acts Media Group. Our vision is “Unity In Christ, through The Holy Spirit,”  our mission is “To Serve where Needed,” and by doing this we will be “Doing The Right Thing.”  Go to our websites: www.actsmediagroup.com or www.missourisbest.com or email us at 4321acts@gamil.com. Participate by living an obedient life for Christ in His Service!!!

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