“Whose is to Blame, just the Facts,” by Dr. James R. Wining



marijuanamedsAny remark stating the Missouri public was not properly informed about the
Medical Marijuana Referendum is an absolute falsehood. Below is a short recap
of Acts Ministry, Inc. Acts Media Group and Acts Television Networks educational

“Growing out of Autism Shows”  Marijuana Miracles
Show 1, March 14, 2016;
Show 2 March 20, 2016;
Show 3 March 26, 2016 and
Show 4 April 3, 2016

“Truth and Facts about Medical Marijuana,”
Show 1 June 2, 2016;
Show 2 May 24, 2016

The Truth and Facts about Medical Marijuana Shows 1 & 2

The deadline for the Medical Marajuana Medical Referendum was September 7, 2016.

All six shows were broadcast continually through our website, Dailymotion, YouTube,
Facebook email list blasting and Google. We estimate views for each show set per our server
exceeded 350,000 viewers including our petition location page

Finally, Dr. Gilbert Mobley was interviewed on both of the Truth and Facts about Marijuana
Shows and covered a significant portion of the objections and misunderstandings. He
was instrumental in drafting Marijuana Laws in Washington state and is considered
a leading expert. If there is blame to bear for failing the many families facing the
hardships of medications versus Medical Marijuana most likely public awareness
and education is not the problem. I leave it to you where the blame falls?

Dr. James R. Wining

The Honor Roll of those giving time and money to make this project known and understood:
Thanks to: 
Jackie Scott, Kenny Foster, Cassandra May Wining, Gregory Bahler, Dr. Gilbert Mobley,
Dr. Paul Curtiss Collins, Jim Sharp, Jessica Thomas, Jay Hunt, Carrie Hudson, Nacole Shortt,
Sherri Foster, Ladena K. Bough, Jessica Mantonya,Chelo Santiago Sharp, Jason Holsman,
Eapen Thampy, and Pam Wining