“Who is Watching,” by Dr. James R. Wining


Here is what I know. There is an increasing demand for more accountability and compliance for ministers, ministries, outreaches and services by the secular world.
Recent events involving inappropriate sexual conduct, financial fraud and resistance to certain social changes has inflamed those seeking greater state control. The likely result will be greater monitoring and restraint on any of the financial tools enjoyed by religious institutions. Acts Ministry, Inc. believes in preemptive action.

There seems to be from all levels and branches of government a general disbelief that religious organizations can monitor and control its ministers, ministries, outreaches and services. In fact in conversation with a ranking Missouri Official he believes instead that religious organizations are by their very nature, set up to protect and defend these individuals or organizations irrespective of fault. In short, there is little substance to the accountability of religious organizations.

The first wave of criticism has four questions: 1. Does the religious licensing authority have proof that due diligence was performed in licensing or ordaining including deliberation into the candidate’s spiritual, physical and financial correctness? 2. Does the religious authority maintain considerable spiritual and physical contact with the appointed candidate? 3. Does the religious licensing authority show proof of subordination through service and financial support by each licensee? 4. Does the religious licensing authority have regular reports on the conduct of the ministry, minister, outreach, and service?

What can be said, if for example a minister, never reports, never attends worship activities, never serves and never financially supports the religious licensing authority? The secular world calls this “A Null and Void Contract.” Accordingly without proof in substance (money) and kind (performance) there is not a grant of licensing or ordaining. We on the other hand face a world that considers such practice without obedience to their represented religious institution a sham and possibly civil or criminal fraud.

I wish I could proclaim the world we live in is Christian. It’s not and it’s rapidly falling further and further away from Christianity. Acts Ministry, Inc. will institute a plan that fits the body of Christ and is honestly held accountable to God and to the public we seek to reach, teach and convert. We need to example respect, trust and love in order to fulfill our vision of “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.”

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