“Who is the Enemy?” by Dr. James R. Wining


Dear Resistance Democrats,

“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country,” President John F. Kennedy (D). “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” President Franklin D. Roosevelt (D). “Yes we can.” President Barrack Obama (D).  If we can just focus on the greater need and not ourselves, if we can focus on loving one another and not fearing each other and if we can develop an attitude of we can then the love of one another will create a unity that will grow our country strong.

Resistance is passive civil war against authority. Resistance weakens our resolve and makes our country vulnerable to our enemies such as Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc. Bifurcating our leadership’s time between internal strife and external challenge reduces our collective defenses. Our enemies know this and hunger for a US court system checking The Executive Branch’s border protection,  a Legislative Branch investigating the country’s own political process and an Executive Branch not believing its own security system. Chaos is the tool of our enemies not our own citizenry.

People like me that still call themselves Democrats (not socialists), Republicans and declared Independents look for “common ground,” and build together health care, tax plans, immigration control and social justice. Yes solutions for the next four years will look more Republican but we can by working together and not being a civil disobedience/resistance a force in the solutions. Later the “worm turns” and the solutions maybe more Democratic. Let’s work together and strengthen our country NOW!!!