Who is Itus-Virtus?



“Itus Virtus is a non-profit Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (In the Springfield, Missouri area), which was started to help other civil servants and the general public.” This is the heading story but certainly not the rest of the story. Started less than 18 months ago Itus Virtus under its founder’s tool-age, Robert Shawley, has reached out to thousands of people with needs. There work is endless reaching out with helping hands to families, children, disabled and the financially challenged.

In the next few months Itus Virtus will be doing fundraising efforts for Children’s Miracle Network on May 16th at The Wal-Mart in Springfield on Independence street, The Lafayette House a home for addiction recovery and safe housing from domestic violence on July 25 in Joplin and “Old Soldiers Home” for The Missouri Veterans Home in Ozark. I get tired just writing down all they do! By the way in the days in between these fund raising efforts they are also busy building stairway ramps for disabled financially and physically challenged people.

On May 5 at one of the conference rooms of the Big Whiskey Restaurant in Springfield their membership packed the room physically and spiritually. Jackie Scott and myself were there to receive a significant gift for their efforts in the recently completed event “The Bike & Car Show for Autism Awareness.” Their Chaplin Bin Charmin delivered the Blessing and the meeting and fellowship was warming extended. In writing this article I can say as a parent of an autistic child that I have never received such an interested and understanding attitude. Truly, I hope in the future churches and other non-profits develop such an interest, appreciation and understanding.


Dr. James (Jim) R. Wining, President
Acts Ministry, Inc.
Acts Media Group

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