“Where are the Christians?” by Wylie Comp with Faith Harvest Ministries

The noise is loud but the silence is deafening. Everything moves at light speed
and we stand around watching and wanting more. More of what? No one
seems to know what it is they want, and if they think they do, they don’t know
why. Everywhere you look you can see the results of what our communities
have taken unto themselves. What Paul told the believers at Galatia is
applicable today. “The acts of the sinful nature are obvious:
I warn you, as I did before,…those who live like this will not inherit
the kingdom of God.”(Galatians 5.19-21)It is not our place to “judge” anyone,
but it is our place to know better and act accordingly.
We aren’t even shocked anymore when we come in contact with
smutty language, risque behavior, and out-right promiscuity. These actions
are so common place, we feel strange if we say anything about it. We’ll be
branded “goodie two-shoes” or something worse if we take a stand for
righteousness. Can it be so easy, or maybe more accurate, why is it so
easy for Christians to just look the other way? Probably because we are
not receiving encouragement from, or being instructed by other believers.
Regularly, on what seems an ever increasing basis, highly respected members
of our communities are caught in compromising situations. Christian leaders
are confessing to what can only be considered debauchery. People we
genuinely admire come forward regularly with their personal announcements
of being involved with necromancers and the practice of witchcraft. Fits of
rage are becoming commonplace in our institutions of higher learning and in
the workplace
There are those in government, business and even in our churches, to whom
trust has been placed who seem to be more concerned about the fantasy of
their own unfulfilled promises. Their example is weak before our eyes and
there does not appear to be any who are willing to stand against the
negativism being handed out by an ever increasing number of so-called
leaders who claim to be in charge. Our nation is at war with what can
only be described as militant, religion motivated, terrorist-zealots. And,
somehow Christians are to blame? Only if we sit by and do nothing.

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