“What’s that they say about Snow on the Roof,” by George & Jane Campbell



This should put a smile on your face…. While waiting for a flight at Washington, D.C.   Ronald   Reagan National Airport, two World War II veterans proved they can still boogie!    

The men were in D.C. as part of an Honor Flight – a service that provides free flights to veterans so that they can tour the war memorials in the nation’s capital. A group of three women known as the Three Ladies of Liberty began entertaining the vets with their rendition of The Andrews Sisters 1940s hit “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.”    That’s when one of the vets stood up and provided some entertainment of his own, showing off some impressive – and unexpected – dance moves.

He was soon joined by another veteran who went straight for the ladies as they sang the iconic wartime song.A 2 min. video was posted to YouTube and has become an instant hit . The Greatest Generation indeed. Sound up, click link, watch full screen, ENJOY then pass it along…






George & Jane Campbell (ejpc1955@gmail.com)
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