What Makes Life Worth Living By Dr. Jane Campbell

Wesley Wee was born with cerebral palsy in a culture that tends to
discard people with such disorders. From infancy to early adulthood, he
endured the most heart-rending physical and psychological abuse from his
parents – who could not cope with a child who couldn’t clean, feed, or
dress himself. His father routinely beat him and forced him to perform
exercises to cure his condition. When Wesley failed to measure up to his
father’s demands, he’d suffer his wrath. His mother would tell him,
_“You good for nothing dead child, it is better for you to die.”_ He
eventually took her words to heart and tried repeatedly to take his own
life. Finally, his parents paid to have a doctor operate on him, which
only caused further injury and confined him to a wheelchair. This
regression in his condition only intensified the abuse he suffered.

Through this personal hell, Wesley did experience a measure of love and
happiness, but for a brief period. His grandmother, tortured by the
abuse he faced at home, pleaded with his parents to let Wesley live with
her. But poor health forced her to relinquish care back to his parents.

In desperation Wesley finally cried out to God for help. He believed
Jesus answered his prayer, changed his heart, and gave him a new desire
to live and to use his life to be an inspiration to others. Wesley was
able to earn his own living by selling items from his wheelchair on the
streets of Singapore. Five years ago Wesley married and has just
recently completed writing a book, _Finding Happiness against the Odds_.
Using only the big toe on his right foot, Wesley tapped away on a tablet
for five years to complete his written testimony – as a way of
encouraging others who feel they have no reason to live.

Life still has many challenges for Wesley, but now that he has Jesus
Christ as his Savior and Friend life is worth living. Through Jesus
Wesley has found his life’s calling – to be a blessing and
inspiration to others who have lost hope.

We all endure a measure of disappointment and sorrow. We all have our
share of abuse – though hopefully not as torturous as Wesley Wee’s.
But the same Jesus who redeemed Wesley and breathed hope into his heart
can do the same for us. Even when we are robbed of our health, movement,
independence, and wealth – Jesus can sustain us and fill us with such
joy and hope that we are richer than the wealthiest person on earth.

Paul the apostle, who was no stranger to suffering and deprivation, once
wrote, _“__I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I
have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with
a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little.__ For I can do
everything through Christ, who gives me strength”_ (Philippians
4:12-13, NLT). Christ alone makes life – even when it’s filled with
sorrow and pain – worth living.

PRAYER: Dear Father in heaven, all earthly sources of happiness are only
temporary and will eventually perish. Please come into my life with
power, reconcile me to Yourself through Jesus Your Son, and give me an
overpowering reason to live and a hope that will never die. Forgive me
and save me, I pray, and make me fit for heaven. Amen.