Wanted: Real News-Review Missionaries, Ministers & Pastors for Writing

RealNewsReviewheaderThe Real News-Review provides PDF copying of its 24/7 Online paper all over the world. Its articles are a welcomed outreach about truth in religious and social issues. When in hard back form the newspaper was twenty-four pages with an average of three articles per page. Therefore, we were providing approximately seventy-two articles of truthful content per week. This is something desperately needed in Pakistan, India, China, Indonesia, Russia and elsewhere about the world. We need your help!

If you have a fairly good hand in writing, can objectively present issues of religion and social justice and are committed to reaching out to people as Christians in a new way, then keep reading this article. We need at least thirty-six ministries, ministers and pastors to provide by the 5th of every month two articles of at least 250 words but not greater than 500 words. Each article must be plain, simple, concise and factual about religious and social issues in your mission, community, state or country. We hope it will be factual and grammatically correct.

All you need to do is copy/attach your article on a gmail to us at 4321acts@gmail.com. Call me Dr. James (Jim) R. Wining at 816-217-3307 if you have questions. Leave me a message and I will call you back.

Finally, you may include information and promotional materials to be posted concurrent with each of your articles. Such material can look very similar to ads posted on www.Missourisbest.com Yes, this will be an expanded and expensive project in this mission we started independently over two years ago. However, we must respond to the new factors in 21st Century Evangelism. We are faced with a broaden secular world and a need for more participation. No payment will be made for your articles nor charge for this worldwide advertising/promotional service. However, financial support as a donation to Acts Ministry would be appreciated. Now if you can meet these requirements then let’s get going!!!

God Bless,

Dr. James R. Wining, President

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