Volunteers Keep the Movement Moving

Every day I awaken to new challenges and great opportunities. In either case, working with volunteers can be among the greatest. I have no way of knowing how many people in the world are giving their time, talents, and labor to projects on any given day, but the total is probably astounding.

The Springfield, Missouri operations of Acts Ministry are possible because individual volunteers in key positions perform very important functions. Acts Ministry, Inc. is a not for profit religious corporation dedicated to doing Christian work. The effort is pursued according to a mission statement that reads, “Unity, In Christ, Through The Holy Spirit.” Those words can also be a vision statement or a slogan. The motto of Acts Ministry is “Serving Where Needed.” The volunteers in Springfield and the surrounding area are joined by people in other states and nations giving their time, talent, and work.

As a movement for unity in the body of Christ, Acts ministry makes forward motion because of volunteers. There is no payroll.

During my many years as an itinerant pastor of churches within a large denomination, it was expected that I be an active participant in community causes. Thus, over those years I held membership in (I think) every secular community service club. Believe me, those clubs can extract a lot of time from people to do volunteer work.

I was so connected to the notion of providing my energy to community causes that I dared to run for election to a school board in 1965. I was elected. A mere seven or so years later, I “took the plunge” again in another town and was elected to serve on their school district’s board. That resulted in becoming the first president of a regional board of the Missouri School Boards Association. That activity, along with civic club work, evolved into some political activity.

Many of you reading this will be able to identify with my efforts to be a good citizen. But for the past 35 plus years, I have spent my time and energy as a worker in the efforts to bring the Kingdom of God into full view of the secular world. The past 20 of the 35 years have been dedicated to Acts Ministry and its outreaches around the world.

If you are a church volunteer, I would like very much to receive your thoughts about the values (and the potential pitfalls) of volunteerism in a local congregation or for a stand-alone, independent ministry. I receive mail at Acts Ministry, PO Box 11084, Springfield, Missouri 65808. For your greater convenience, my email address is actsministry@sbcglobal.net. It will be a definite joy to hear from you.

Those people who give freely of their time, talents, and energetic work are the real power in the world of today. Even though the profit motive can be seen in “church” circles, many labor without thought of financial gain.


Dr. Paul Collins, Founder/ VP of Operations

Acts Ministry, Inc.

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