Upstairs Over A Vacant Lot By Dr Paul Collins

Finding Fault or Finding Faith

          Well, after several months of self-imposed absence from the keyboard, ready or not here I am.  The past year and a half has been recovery time from two heart attacks and being loaded with medicines created in laboratories.  However, I did make my contribution by doing cardio rehab three times a week and becoming a vegan.  In case you did not know, a vegan is a complete vegetarian who does not even eat animal products such as eggs, milk, or milk products.  The items missing from the diet include salt, sugar, and any form of added oils.  It worked! So, rather than finding fault with the diet, I called it a “life it.” Yes, it required faith for this country reared boy to eat according to my “life it” food.  I am old enough I grew up eating hog meat, lard, homemade biscuits, country ham, corn meal, gravy, pie, cake, and all things that tasted good.

     Now to my point for this column: Americans need to stop finding fault with our political system and seek a meaningful relationship with God.  He has demonstrated in Jesus Christ the qualities we need to pursue.  The Holy Spirit is God with us as a comforter and teacher.  Since you cannot see the Father, the Son, nor the Holy Spirit, faith becomes a necessity to experience their reality.  Faith is hope.  Faith is the ability to believe profoundly in unseen facts.  Faith is a tool;  a tool worth sharpening through use.

     I will continue to use the prerogative that is mine earned through a long life of experience, to speak out for correction rather than criticism.  I will continue to offer suggestions instead of insurgency.  I will continue to follow the Master and not attempt to be a ringmaster.  The circus is over.  The playground is closed.  The workplace is valid again.  “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go.”