Upstairs Over A Vacant Lot…A Commentary By Dr. Paul C Collins ,THD

If I was a hip hop “artist” I would be careful about my language.  Profanity in the guise of “music” is no excuse for “cop killing verbiage” and inflammatory words. There is no excuse for the message being conveyed that carries negative connotations about our current society and its norms for behavior.  To make things worse, these
goons” are making millions of dollars by pushing their rebellious agenda.  The youth of America is being corrupted by “Trash Talk!”

     Our president of the United States has correctly identified “fake news” coming from the mainstream media.  I watch the news daily,  and  I can attest to the fact that it is not the honorable profession it was in the 1950’s.  The Fourth Estate has sold out to the big money that seeks to trash America and turn us into a third world nation.  I am saddened by the fact that the news media has taken upon itself to destroy our president, ignore the voting power of middle America, and lead a rebellion using the west coast, the east coast, and foreign money to force us into accepting a socialist society for their own personal gain of power and wealth.  Globalism is their goal.  It is not mine.

     Finally, loud music needs to be considered as a corrupting influence on American youth.  They walk around listening to their “cheap” music destroying their ears.  They go to churches that feature loud music that is an echo of the world and the flesh.  They move, keeping time with the “music,” as though they are members of an uncivilized tribe.  When will it end?  I do not know;   it will end!

     For now, that is my opinion!  I am old enough that I have watched the process of history in the making.  I have seen the times of honor.  I have seen the times of “the slippery slope.”  There is no doubt in my mind that we are nearing the end of the downward slide.

     It is past time for all who respect Christian morals and Christian ethics to join with believers in Christ to make the pendulum swing the other direction — even if it is just for a short season.  In that small space of time, some will meet Jesus!