“United we Stand,” by Dr. James R. Wining

magic-hatMy 2016 GMC Terrain was built in Canada not the USA. My fellow Christians for the first time are expressing “Religious Persecution,” in the USA. Surprisingly many of my associates are afraid to travel or retire in the USA and have decided to live most of their lives in a Belize, or an Ireland or other countries. Those in the middle age group have experienced flat pay, underemployment or unemployment and are vocally angry about a government paying as they say “No Attention.” Finally, we see a less resilient youth generation with apparently a historically un-American attitude of “I am not looking forward to the tomorrow but instead I am afraid of it” attitude. How does a crude, male chauvinist, ego centered, disability incentive person, recently born again Christian, businessman fit as a solution?

First, if you don’t have the problems described above or if changing what you have in place now would adversely affect your lifestyle then Mr. Trump is a figure of discord. He becomes cause to demonstrate against. The USA is a collection of 50 separate semi-autonomous governments and people. Some intermingle with others and some do not. Mr. Trump concluded from the beginning that his message of “Social, political and economic Change,” would not resonate in such states as California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois or even New York. He spent his time, resources and messages in targeting the remaining 35+ states which would by far have more than the 270 electoral votes to be elected President.

Back in the 1960’s when I marched as a Democrat for Civil Rights and also against
the Vietnam War I remember each and every time in Wichita, Kansas City and Chicago these instructions, “Don’t throw your paper cups or trash on the streets, be respectful. We want them to see our commitment not our disgrace!” Most of you Democrats who participated in those days probably remember this code. Regretfully it has not been passed on and their naivety has invited the criminal element.

Now finally, Mr. Trump outsmarted us by seeing the need, focusing on the states having the need and developed a plan to solve the need. He has plans for the needs defined as security, employment, health, welfare, energy, immigration, veterans and defense. I don’t know if they will work but I do know he has a practical un-ideological business background based on pragmatism and not conservatism or liberalism. This is refreshing. However, as an advocate and parent of autistic persons I am watching very closely how he handles the issues of autistic and special needs children and adults. For me this could be a game changer in my support. For now it is time to let Mr. Trump try his magic.