U.S. Ministry Sent to Bulgaria by Michelle LaMountain, Director of True Bread International Ministries

Abstract vector color map of Bulgaria country
Abstract vector color map of Bulgaria country

True Bread International Ministries is a faith based Christian charity that feeds the hungry both spiritually and physically in some of the poorest areas of the world. Our vision is to reach the nations with the love of Jesus Christ by bringing hope with the Word and saving lives by providing nutritious food. We accomplish this by establishing a practical and sustainable solution to help end poverty. We funded and built a greenhouse in drought stricken NE Kenya in 2014 and hope to build another in 2017 as God enables. It will serve as a training one for the surrounding villages as well as provide nutritious vegetables. We will be in partnership with another ministry who will oversee and nationals will be in charge of its daily operation.

We will be putting in a community garden in a poor gypsy village in Southern Bulgaria this October in which we will provide fruit and nut trees initially to individual families. Then in the spring 2017 we will plant vegetable seeds. We help start feeding programs through the local church and give grants to poor families to start small businesses. Along with prayer we give prenatal vitamins, over the counter medicines, formula, milk, baby bottles, clothes, blankets, bibles, school supplies, first aid supplies, and provide transportation for medical care.

As God blesses us we help other ministries with special feeding projects and other missionaries usually with one-time seed into their work. We do all of this in the name of Jesus Christ for His glory alone.

We have our 501c3 status under ACTS ministry of Springfield and we are registered as a nonprofit in the state of Missouri. Our base is in St. Joseph, Missouri located at Present Truth Fellowship.

I am in Bulgaria and will be going to Kenya in November God willing. Our immediate need is always prayer but we are asking also that you prayerfully consider coming in partnership with regular support for a feeding program to both believers and unbelievers. It will initially target the most vulnerable, elderly widows and widowers, disabled and sick, pregnant, nursing moms and young children. We will provide a nutritious cooked meal Monday- Wed- Friday that will start with prayer and a short devotion. I believe if we are faithful in our humble beginning God will bring the increase. We hope to include anyone who is hungry and turn no one away.

Summer is a good time for most Gypsies because of tourism and agriculture they are able to find seasonal work. The winter is harsh and many live in small shacks. Food is scarceand sadly hopelessness sets in. Many children do not have shoes or warm protective clothing. No medicine for fever or pain. Many Gypsies do not send their children to school because they do not have supplies or proper clothing. Help us break that cycle of poverty with the simple things that could make this possible. Schooling is free in the European countries.

The people are not poorer than Mexico where I began. I worked there for 8 years. My window of safety had dramatically narrowed and I sadly closed down my apartment that was used as a wellness clinic, storage and distribution center that served 8 poor colonials. How I have longed to minister into the lives of poor families directly once again. Even Paul toward the end of his ministry was given a rented house for 2 years in which people came to him and he ministered to all whom came to him.

The door has opened for me as a missionary to come and work with a church in Straldzha, Bulgaria. I will be living next to the church within walking distance of the poorest village I saw in this country when I came 2 years ago. God is providing for my personal needs through this local church with room and board. I struggled with how I was going to be able to pay for a hotel, transportation, and a translator and help the people with food and basic needs as well. God took care of that. He impressed on my heart that if I was to go back. He would prepare a place for me. He is so faithful. How He loves these people. I will stay for about 2 months initially after helping another pastor jumpstart a weekly program. My goal is to train young men and women to minister to the poor. Teaching them healing and encouraging scriptures as they work hands on with me and when ready release it into their hands. If God is willing and after finishing in Kenya. I will come back for a short period to the U.S. A feeding program takes commitment and a simple desire to help alleviate the suffering of another. You can send it to True Bread international Ministries 3902 Cook Rd. St Joseph, Mo. 64505 all donations are used for the work of the ministry and are tax deductible. God Bless.