Trust In God By Lorraine Smith

When you were born down here on earth,
It was by God’s choice that you came;
If by chance, in life, you’ve gone wrong,
You’re not a number, you’re a name.
To our God you are so precious,
He still loves you, just as you are;
Don’t have to be a millionaire,
Or be a fancy movie star.
God put love down in our souls,
He put compassion in our hearts;
Then He sent down His only son,
Just to give us a brand new start.
If you’ll just out your trust in Him,
And pray each day that He’ll be there;
He will keep His love around you,
And always keep you in His care.
God knows just who His children are,
We know He loves them all the same;
A number may be tagged on you,
But, our God knows you all by name.
God doesn’t look on the outside,
He doesn’t label you with brands;
If to Him, you appeal for help,
He will lift you up in His hands.