Tradition-Transition- or Transformation by Pastor Shelia Hart Artt

Remember that Lot’s wife was given the opportunity to “leave the old behind” and move forward into a new place – a place of freedom from the “old” – a place provided for her family’s safety and future.
But she was transitionally challenged, and because she kept looking back – at what she perceived she was “giving up” – she became a “pillar of salt.” Even though she had the promise of a much better place, she refused to advance because of her attachment to a “comfort zone.”
“For the sake of your tradition – you have set aside the Word of God [depriving it of force and authority and making it of no effect].” (Matt.15:6)
Perhaps, unwittingly, you too have been “hanging on” to something, someone or some place that has you stuck in an “old place.” Then, you wonder why things seem to never change in your life?
Can it be that we have been stuck in old traditions? Or perhaps you’ve thought about making some changes, or have adjusted a few things, but you still prefer that “comfortable place” rather than stepping into the “unknown.”
Maybe, just maybe, you have been stuck in in the process of transition – therefore missing the transformation that God is working in our lives. Sadly, Israel was stuck in the Wilderness (place of transition) for 40-years rather than move into the fullness of the Promise!
We have the Promise of a much better place. Perhaps we have made a theology out of the wilderness place (where we have “camped”) – instead of moving on to the much more God had for us to possess. I believe much of the church is there today! Change is happening, and yet our mindsets are being challenged to advance – from our religious thinking to stepping into His “righteousness, peace and joy” as we fully embrace Kingdom-Living!
God is shifting our thinking and has given us permission to be diverse and to bring something different to the Church – to transition into the fullness of the Kingdom. By His Spirit, Christ has set us free from our dead-end effort to make ourselves respectable. Now it His Life in us that transitions us from the “old way” to a new life that reflects Jesus; becoming all He has created us to be! He is transforming us by His grace and glory.
Can you perceive it? Can you recognize that “The kingdom of God is within us!” (Lk 17:21).
The world is dying to see the fullness of God manifested and He has called us to be His Sons manifesting all that He is in the earth. The challenge in this hour to receive all that He has for us – and allow Holy Spirit to do His transforming work in us.
“And we – with unveiled face – are beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, and we are being transformed into His image from glory to glory, by the Lord – Holy Spirit.” (2Cor.3:18)
To quote Henry Blackaby, “We can’t stay where we are, and go with God!” So, let’s move forward into the Greater Works He has prepared for those – who embrace the transformation! ~ Shelia Hart Artt


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