“Top 10 Followed Individuals on Acts Media Group”

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July 2016 You are setting the example.

Name                            Views   Description
1.Dr. Jane Campbell        1756    Articles on Real News-Review
2.Pastor Dennis Eversen 1063   Messages on Acts Television Network
3.Pastor Wilma Sheffer      821   Articles on Real News-Review        
4.Dr. Paul Collins                588   Articles on RN-R & Acts Television Network
5.Dr. James R. Wining        507   Articles on RN-R, ATN and page highlighting
6. Mrs. Sherri Tucker          442   Article on RN-R Autism
7. Pastor Wylie Comp         271   Articles on Real News-Review
8. Mrs. Pam Wining            184   Information on Nature Acts Television Network
9. Pastor Randy Baar         150   Articles on Real News-Review
10.Mr. Ryan Keen               123   Walk-a-Thon on website & Facebook