It’s time to take a stand part 7 by Wylie Comp of Faith Harvest Ministries

  • We are looking at the condition of our community, our role in it,and theposition taken
    by many followers of Christ and how their example should be a positive influence on our
    lives as believers today.
    1. Loose morals as the norm
    As believers we are obligated to walk in the Spirit. When we see and hear things that are
    definitely not in keeping with the morality prescribed in and overseen by theTen
    Commandments, and the Scriptures, it is our place to speak up or speak out against it.
    2. Maligned political correctness
    Hiding behind the veil of “political correctness,” the “boys and girls” in government, with
    the full and complete support of a liberal and biased media, set lower and ever-lower
    standards with amisguided understanding or desire to notoffend anyone. Thisaction
    totally disregards our opinions as Christians andunderscoresthe fact that we have
    allowed it to happen.
    3. Corruption of Government at all levels
    We are a Constitutionally directed Republic that has been hijacked by the power-hungry
    elitists who have found the primary weakness in and with the majority of our elected and
    appointed government officials. And, it runs from the top down. From D.C. to the
    smallest local municipal precinct.
    4. America’s Constitution is being abridged
    Our Constitution is under attack. TheFounding Fathers knew there would be a time
    when this might occur, andthey styled the document to protect theRepublic from such
    actions. But the demagogues in D.C. are ignoring their sworn responsibility to protect
    and defend the Constitution of these United States of America, and simply accepting
    Executive Orders which oppose the purpose and intent of theoriginal document.
    Protecting and preserving our Constitution is a charged responsibility. Holding those
    whom we have elected to honor that position is notcontrary to God’swill or plan for the
    United States of America.
    5. Traditional marriage is under siege
  • 2
    Marriage betweena man and a woman is important to God. It has been the accepted
    and traditional understanding of marriage since the beginning. We are talking about a
    heterosexual relationship between a man and a woman within the bonds and bounds of
    marriage. There are no permissions or provisions given or extended by God whereby
    non-traditional and Christ honoring marriages can be c0mmenced outside of God’s
    standard for marriage. And,
    6. Homosexuality advancing in all areas
    An extremely small percentage of the population oftheUnited States, identify
    themselves with the LGBT community. These individuals have “received in themselves
    the due penalty for their perversion.” It’s our responsibility to keep reaching out and
    sharing the truth wherever possible with those caught-upin these deviant lifestyles. We
    must take a stand or we will be losers by default.
    Are you ready? The Bible is the banner. We must carry it in our hands, in our hearts and
    in our minds to confront the Evil One whenever and wherever he is encountered. Are
    you ready? OK ! Now go tell someone !