It’s time to take a stand part 4 by Wylie Comp of Faith Harvest Ministries

  • We are looking at the condition of our community, our role in it,and theposition taken
    by many followers of Christ and how their example should be a positive influence on our
    lives as believers today.
    Part 4 ~ America’s Constitution is being abridged
    The Framers of our country knew a thing or two about the corrupt nature of man. They
    toiled with the problems associated with the creation of a republic that was to be
    committed to self-government while protecting the freedoms of all its inhabitants.
    Having declared independence from a dictatorial monarchy, these founding fathers
    labored together to adopt and ratify a Constitution that would set the rule oflawfor the
    United States of America. It has been working very well until recently.
    Our American Revolution was fought on moral grounds and the high calling of those
    committed to their Judeo-Christian principles of faith. We don’t read much about this
    era in our history today, and our children are not being taught the significance of this
    extremely important time in our nation’s history. World War I, the war to end all wars,
    was waged and won by God fearing and morally responsible patriots. Members of the
    “Greatest Generation” answered the call and fought for our freedom and very way of life
    in World War II. And, with the mercy and blessing of God, right thinking and morally
    correct people again prevailed.
    Since 1945, the leaders of this great and magnificent country have lead us in many
    directions. Our blood and treasure has been committed to multiple major conflicts,
    including the Korean War, the Viet Nam War, Grenada, the Persian Gulf War (in Iraq),
    and the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our allies are also at war and civil unrest
    is everywhere.
    Our Constitution has come under attack. Since the early 1900’s, it has beenthe purpose
    and intent of many government leaders to subvert,and even replace our Constitution
    with a “progressive approach” to governing the masses. The Founding Fathers knew
    there would be a time when this might occur, and they styled the document to protect
    the Republic from such actions.So, what are the demagogues in D.C. doing? They are
    ignoring their sworn responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution of these
    United States of America, and simply accepting Executive Orders which oppose the
    purpose and intent of the original document.
    Separation of Church and State is not in the Constitution. But the First Amendment is:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the
    free exercise thereof;orabridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; of the right of
  • the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of
    grievances. (First Article of Amendment to the Constitution). This particular
    amendment specifically prohibits the Government from meddling in the affairs of
    religion. It doesnot restrict the Church from active participation intheaffairs of