It’s time to take a stand part 3 by Wylie Comp of Faith Harvest Ministries

  • We are looking at the condition of our community, our role in it,and theposition taken
    by many followers of Christ and how their example should be a positive influence on our
    lives as believers today.
    Part 3 ~ Corruption of Government at all levels
    This isn’t a reflection of or on any political party. It’s a charge that can bemade and
    supported against an entire governmental systemthat has run amuck. We are a
    Constitutionally directed Republic that has been hijacked by the power-hungry elitists
    who have found the primary weakness in and with the majority of our elected and
    appointed government officials. And, it runs from the top down. From D.C. to the
    smallest local municipal precinct.
    In 1887, John Acton, (1834-1902) a historian and moralist, is credited with having coined
    the phrase: Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. What is
    the seed for this power? We can simply seek the mind of Christ on this and it is quickly
    understood that “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love
    the other, or you will be devoted to theone and despise the other. You cannotserve
    both God and money.” (Luke 16.13 NIV). Is it any wonder why they don’t come home and
    live under the regulations they have created for all of us, while they remain exempt?
    An example of this abuse of power is evident in the pre and present political career of an
    individual we may all be able to identify. (You can drop-in a name should one come to
    mind). From humble beginnings, this individual became: an educator; a local community
    election official; a state government official; president of a university; a member of the
    U.S. Congress, and a U.S. Senator.
    So, why single out this one politician? Because it is an example that pretty well describes
    the majority of our elected government officials. Having campaigned on the same
    concerns we all seem to share about corrupt government and declaring a commitment
    to serve under a self-imposed term limitation, then come home and live under the laws
    enacted while in office, this particular politician has not only determined to stay beyond
    the self-imposed term limit, but has purchased a$1,000,000 plus parcelof land in the
    D.C. area for the intended purpose of building apersonal residence. Where didthis
    money come from?
    No one gets wealthy off-of or from the government. A good salary with obscene
    benefits for sure, but not wealth. Maybe this individual is attracted to an after-service
    lobbying position and needs a home in the area. Whatever the reason, this individual
  • politician is no longer accountable to the constituents who are responsible for the
    specific assignment.
    Spread and modify this example across the full spectrum of elected and appointed
    government officials and it becomes clear very quickly that we have a moral problem
    that continues to complicate the operation of our local, state and national governments.