“The Reconstruction Era Revisited Election 2016,” by Dr. James R. Wining

The 2016 Election reflected the results of gross negligence in education that has permeated our society through three decades of societal neglect. While responding to those educationally discriminated against and those disabled, our educational system from grade school to college failed to implant fundamental societal morals, values and common knowledge. The end results of 30 years of population that has developed without the most rudimentary of basic education and conduct principals is a society tipping on anarchy or dictatorship.

Judo-Christian values stress respect, order, care and obedience.  Military life teaches instructions, purpose, obligation and responsibility. However, it perfectly defines service to others. Finally, marriage and family living teaches the most rudimentary of human needs which involve nurturing, loving and security. Notwithstanding, all the above a family is the core for providing every developing child the definition and parameters of “Right and Wrong.”

Our education system has distanced itself from service exampled by the military. Equally, it has openly disdained the country’s fundamental societal cement Judo-Christian values leaving nothing for families to rely on 8-10 hours a day as reinforcement of their values of respect, order, care and obedience. The US Constitution was not opposed to its member’s faith but was opposed to any one faith taking dominance.

For 30 years the educational system further in an attempt to capture the confused young minds learning appetite by introducing studies  above those basic stages of “knowledge,” and “evaluation.” The end result is a populace that doesn’t know how many US States there are, what the Continental Divide means to agriculture, how a loan is trust  or even that a sale of a $.79 item results in $.21 change for $1.00 payment.

By the educational system being absent of service appreciation, moral values, family support and basic knowledge it has fostered young adults in the 2016 Election being ignorant  and disillusioned. They lack understanding of the chronological order of the basics of our society including voting, state’s rights, political power and when to protest. They are victims of a society of families that have fallen apart by accepting the destruction of our American society through its educational system.

Yes it will take hard steps of instruction but the foundation to continue our country will start with changing the school system top to bottom focusing on the educational basics, Judo-Christian morals and values and service comparable to our military. As with the Reconstruction Era post Civil War the actions and decisions may not be democratic to effect a total turn around.