“The Perfect Antique Chest,” by Wilma Sheffer

I saw a Facebook post about a man who went to an estate sale, and found an antique chest that he really liked. The price was right:: $100.00! So he bought the chest, and as he started loading it into the back of his pickup truck, he heard a rattling coming from the chest. Curious but now ready to get going, he thought he would check it out when he got home.
Taking the drawers out, one by one, he finally removed the bottom drawer. There, in a false bottom was a treasure trove: money, both green backs and old coins, antique jewelry, old securities secured with a rotted rubber band. He had found a great buy in the old chest!

I have been thinking that the Greatest Finds that a Christian can ever come upon are found in the Word of God: The Holy Bible. As I started my annual journey through the Bible this year it seems that “it is all new” once again. Our church started a new Wednesday evening Bible study with one intent: to find Jesus Christ in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. He is in every page, it seems. And our Pastor gave five hallmarks that the disciple may use to really see Christ in all His Glory, Greatness, and Goodness in the Old Testament. One of the ways is through the words of His prophets.

I want to give you one example of one of my precious finds this year. I was a reading in Matthew 14 where Jesus was ministering to a huge crowd. The day grew late, and his disciples said to Jesus, “Send them away so they may find something to eat.” Jesus replied, “You give them something to eat!” The disciples saw 5,000 men plus women and children. They had a few loaves of bread and few little fish, a boy’s lunch really. This was an impossibility! “How, Lord?” The Lord took the bread and fish and broke them, gave them to the disciples to distribute, and 12 baskets of leftovers were what remained of the meal when everyone had eaten.
So now to my “great Find!” A reference sent me to II Kings 4:42-44 where I found Elisha, God’s prophet of that day, and he had a similar dilemma: 100 men to feed with only a few loaves of barley bread! Elisha heard from God, and He spoke these words:”Thus says the Lord, they shall eat and have some leftovers!” And it was so!
I had never made the connection between Elisha’s prophecy and the fulfillment of it in his days with the feeding of the 5,000 with Jesus, The same One who spoke the words to Elisha is the same as in the New Testament. Now the find is this: if we walk with the Lord in reality today, we are going to come to a place where the Spirit will say, “You feed them!” We can be as the disciples and doubt that it can happen, or we can realize that the same God who fed the 100 in Elisha’s day, or the 5,000 in Jesus’ day will be the one who actually breaks the bread and doles it out to the hungry, waiting multitudes!
They are waiting to hear the Words of Life! The Bread of Heaven is Jesus Christ! What are you waiting for? Break Thou the Bread of Life!

As I mentioned earlier, we were given five hallmarks. Without illustration I will list them here. 1. Moral Law, 2. Prophecy, 3. Typology, 4. Theophany, 5. The Names of God.
In the coming weeks, I will bring more of my “finds” to you. In the meantime, seek the Lord as you read your Bible. I am certain that you will find innumerable instances of prophecies of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament that will charge your spiritual battery! He is Same, yesterday, today, and forever!


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