“The Old Country Germany or the USA?” by Dr. James R. Wining







My family on both sides immigrated from Germany and I am not certain if they did or did not secure the correct papers. I am certain however, they worked hard and founded generations to come with hard working Christian family members with morals and ethics. They left persecution for a better life in America where truth, justice and opportunity flourished irrespective of language, religion or the clothes they wear.

My wife and I spent most of this past month of August visiting Germany with two young German men and their families. Both of these young men spent at least a year with us during their younger high school years. They loved their country its openness to strangers and its exciting path in new safer technology.  We were in Hamburg, Berlin, Augsburg and Munich and never saw a soldier, policeman or even siren’s blast. Strange how when I grew up, Germany was always referred to as “The Old Country,” always doing the same thing for the same people!

We returned home to the USA to passport and full body examination as if we were entering a high security camp. Strangely while in Europe we presented our passport only twice. Once when entering the Netherlands and then exiting the Netherlands. Not once did we present our passport in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France or Austria. We were given limited review status for some reason and experienced limited body inspection when leaving.

The news in the USA when we returned home included, innocent children to be deported, flooding in Texas, still no tax or health insurance relief, oil production on the rise, unusual weather and racial/social violence. For a moment I thought we were in a time warp the ’60s. It seemed we had moved from a society at peace with itself to a society at war.

When going over to Germany and Europe we felt certain because of the “USA European News,” that assuredly they would be as uptight as us. We were as wrong as the CNN reports on who stuck first in the Virginia Statue conflict. Not only did we see a different side to Europe but also how in many cases collectively including British, French, German and Russian the news is looked at from multiple points of view without opinion or prejudice.

In short, we are glad to be home but look forward to going back to Germany.
God Bless America.