“The New Frontier”




My wife and I went to the movies the other day. We saw “The War Room.” It came highly recommended by our family and friends. We enjoyed it thoroughly as we both cried, laughed and pondered the wonders of God. To see TriStar  Films aligning itself with Christian producers was a true example of evangelism.

However, for me there is the rest of the story which I believe handed out more fully God’s wonders. Upon arriving back at the ranch we promptly headed to the bedroom. As I sat on the bed and began removing my socks and shoes, Pam asked me a seemingly simple question. “Did you notice anything different about the film?” Realizing my wife is not prone to small talk and the question had meaning beyond the words. I couldn’t think of anything except the overriding presence of God. Which was obvious to both of us.

She then stated, “all the major performers were Black African-Americans.” I had completely missed this obvious fact. However, after a moment of reflection, I was totally at peace with my apparent blindness to color or race. Wow, I immediately reflected into my past. Early in my life and also with my wife we were part of President Kennedy’s “New Frontier” campaign which stood up against segregation and discrimination. As a young age I was taught good morals and values that supported equality and  justice for all. Yes those seeds had been planted and had grown into the man i am. God’s hand in my life is appreciated and recognized each day.

Don’t let people convince you that God has left his people, that hatred among his people has grown worse or that life as we know it is over. You know the truth and you are the example of God’s works.

Dr. James (Jim) R. Wining, President
Acts Ministry, Inc.
Acts Media Group

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