The Need For A Revival Of True Christianity By Evangelist Sam Biggers

Adapted from Revival of Religion Removes Reproach From the Church by Charles Finney

A revival of true Christianity (Christ like living) is the only possible thing that can wipe away the reproach, which covers the Church, and restore Christianity to the place it ought to have in the eyes of the public. Without a revival, this reproach will cover the Church more and more, until it is overwhelmed with universal contempt. We may do anything else we please, and we may change the aspects of society in some respects, but we will do no real good; we only make it worse without a revival of true Christianity. We may go and build a splendid new house of worship, and line the seats with damask, put up a costly pulpit, and get a magnificent organ, and everything to make a show and dash, and in that way we may procure a sort of respect for Christianity among the wicked, but it does no good in reality.  It rather does hurt. It misleads them as to the real nature of Christianity; and so far from converting them; it carries them farther away from salvation. Look wherever they have surrounded the altar of Christianity with splendor, and we will find that the impression produced is contrary to the true nature of Christ. There must be a waking up of energy (a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit birthed in prayer) on the part of Christians, and an outpouring of God’s Spirit, or the world will laugh at the Church.

These thoughts are from Charles Finney, Lectures on Revivals of Religion, Chapter 2: When A Revival Is To Be Expected.  However, I have changed his use of the word ‘religion’ to Christianity and changed the pronoun from you to we and us in order to personalize the need for revival in our individual lives, our churches, our nation and our world.  My personal comments are in italics.

Please join me in prayer for genuine new awakening in this present age.  Finney was known for having a heart for revival for God’s people.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend; however, please take time to steal away and pray for revival and healing in our nation.  My prayer to the Lord is simple: Revive us, O Lord!