“The Manger Principal Philosophy,” by Pastor Randy Barr

Randy Barr   

I was reading over an article I wrote for “The Real News Review” a while back called “The Manger Principle” and I felt I should try to clear something up that could have been misunderstood. There are four dominant elements in “The Manger Principle.” Jesus was born in a manger, not into wealth.  Jesus grew up in a loving Jewish family and worked hard getting ready for His ministry.  Jesus began praying (talking and listening to His Father) and never stopped.  He was obedient to His father, even unto death. Jesus had very deep and worshipful times when He spent alone time with His father.

This can be compared to a person who was born into any family, received Jesus as Savior, Prays and obeys The Holy Spirit’s voice, and has humility.  God can actually take a believers weakness and turn it into a strength. Your development of your quiet time and worship in quiet time is crucial.  We were made to praise and worship God.  Music can play a huge roll in our quiet time, our worship time with God! I challenge you to find songs that touch you for Jesus and sing them out loud to Him in your quiet time all by yourself.  Worship will come alive.

You do not have follow any kind of a formula to have “The Manger Principal” at work in your life.”  It’s your attitude that counts. The time you spend with God.  Do you have the attributes Jesus exhibited while doing His ministry?  It’s the principle of how Jesus lived that counts.   

I’ve seen wealthy loving men and women who show “The Manger Principal” many times.  They are loving, giving, humble Followers of Christ.  If you follow their lives you will see how they went through the Manger principal’s steps. In many situations in their lives only Jesus could be the answer to their problems and His miraculous power shows itself through them.

I believe every believer starts on their journey to be more and more like Jesus once they know him personally.  Do you ask, seek, and knock?  Do you have humility just from being privileged by knowing God? Do you pray (talk & listen to God) are you obedient? Obedience is better than sacrifice.  How are we doing with the Great Commandment? (Matt 22:37)

I fall short in so many ways, but I’ve come to understand that my quiet time, The Great commandment, and obedience are crucial to experiencing “The Manger Principal.”

Unity, in Christ, though, The Holy Spirit,

Love, Randy Baar