“The Manger Principal,” by Pastor Randy Baar

mangerIt’s July 17th 2016 as I write this and it is 14 days before my 63rd birthday as type these words. I believe The Holy Spirit wants me to share what He calls “The Manger Principal” with you. I was 37 years old, and had been dealing with a bipolar challenge since I was 28 years old. By God’s grace I was able to get into home missions anyway, and now I sensed The Holy Spirit telling me to start a Christian Television show on our local cable TV station. I couldn’t believe it! After much prayer I obeyed and we patterned it after the Tonight Show, only we shared the love of Christ.

The Holy Spirit spoke some things to my heart. He reminded me, “Our ways are not Gods ways,” “The world’s ways are not God’s ways. “The Lord can take your weaknesses and make them your strengths,” “The Lord often works through the common,” etc.

Jesus was born in a manger with the animals. His Mom and Dad were poor and is Dad was a carpenter. He was raised in an honest hardworking religious Jewish family. He worked as a carpenter for many years as he prepared for His ministry. Very little money was available to Him.

I heard deep down inside, “This is, “The Manger Principal” I was illuminated and knew exactly what The Holy Spirit meant. The meaning behind The Manger Principal is that God loves to take the unlikely and do great things through them when they are humble and their hearts are set on Him. I was humbled to tears by this, and still am. He has let me go into Home missions, run a Christian TV show and host it with no experience, and it flourished. He even gifted me to write beautiful songs I can sing back to The Father, Son, or Holy Spirit in my quiet time and worship like I never have in my whole life. He used my weakness (bipolar illness) and made it a strength.

Yes there were times when uncontrolled depression or other problems would hit and I could not pray my way out of it or anything. Perseverance was needed while the doctors tried to help a chemical imbalance. What I’ve discovered over the years is The Manger Principal is very common with other ministries also. And there is no relation between how big something is compared to how small. I believe “The Manger principal” is available to anyone who gives their all to God.

Randy Baar
Thorn in the side ministries