The List of authorized Nonprofits, Ordained or Licensed Ministers and Ministries and Christian Workers “In Good Standing”





Authorized Ministers, Ministries & Christian Workers in “Good Standing.”

Location                               Name                      Ministry/Minister/Christian Worker/Nonprofit

Lee’s Summit, Mo.          Joseph’s STOREHOUSE   Autism

Pleasant Hill, Mo.           Gentle Hands Horses    Using animals in ministry

Clifton,TX.                        Expect to Win Ministry  Evangelism

Springfield, Mo.              Dr. Marty Hamilton        Hospice/Elder care/prayer

Humansville, Mo.           Pastor Dennis Eversen  Harvest Fellowship Church

Springfield, Mo.               Dr. Paul Collins                    First Acts Church       

Republic, Mo.                  Crosswalk Journey          Homeless/food pantry

Springfield, Mo.              Evangelist Nancy Collins  Evangelist

Lawrence, Ks.                 George/Jane Campbell Real News-Review writers

Branson. Mo.                   Thorn in the Side Ministry Mental illness

Stockton, Mo.                  Pastor Ledena Bough     Independence Church of Stockton

St, Joseph, Mo.                True Bread International Worldwide helping ministry

Springfield, Mo.               Marriages by Design        Marriage counseling

Lee’s Summit, Mo.          Pastor Marlene Miller       Elder care

Amarillo, Tx.                    Pastor Billy Millican       Prison Ministry

Denver, Co.                      Pastor Donna Moller      Christian Counselor

Springfield, Mo.               Pastor Bruce Pearson     Nursing Home Ministry

Springfield, Mo.               Pastor Matt Pearson      Christian Radio Station Manager

Springfield, Mo.               Pastor Elizabeth Reiutz  Multi-cultural Ministry

Springfield, Mo.               Pastor Stephen Reiutz    Prayer minister

Springfield, Mo.               Pastor Steve Schultz       Real News-Review Editor

Lone Jack, Mo.                Pastor Jackie L. Scott      Christian Media Ministry

High Ridge, Mo.               Pastor Wilma Sheffer    Real News-Review writer/local pastor  

Garrett, Ks.                       Pastor James Van Etten                James Van Etten Ministries, Inc.

Cassville, Mo.                  Pastor Jim/Korbie Williams   Missionaries/Pastor Full Gospel Church

Harwood, Mo.                  SEAMIST                              Missionaries in SE Asia

Springfield, Mo.               Pastor Tom Young              Parsonage support/Christian Theater

Springfield, Mo.               Pastor Steve McCollum        God Family Country Ministries

Springfield, Mo                Itus Virtus                 Motorcycle Club/Military & Police-Social Service 
Nevada, Mo.
Kansas City, Mo.
Joplin, Mo.

Kansas City                      IAMU                               Promote healing through natural products
Ozark, Mo.                       Awaken to Destiny Ministries         Teaching/Preaching the Gospel
Springfield, Mo               Pastor Leo Frohman                         First Acts Church                              

Contact information for the above nonprofits, ministers, ministries & Christian Workers may be obtained by email to Thank You.



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