The Lafayette House

The Lafayette House was started in Joplin, Missouri in 1978. Its vision is to provide “All those who need help will seek it and find a sanctuary that nurtures, empowers, and improves the quality of their lives.”
In a world and community challenged by issues involving additions, violence and depravity, its refreshing to see an opportunity for positive constructive change.

Their mission is simply to break the cycles of domestic violence and addiction by providing a safe sanctuary for women and children. They encourage affirmative positive self esteem, education and advocacy. Their work is recognized by The State of Missouri through its approval as a “Domestic Violence Tax Shelter Credit” recipient.

Several emergency and crises services are provided at Lafayette House. These services include inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment, sexual assault intervention/aftercare, domestic violence intervention and family court assistance. They also do screenings including SATOP, OEP, and SASSI.

They are looking for volunteers and donations to help continue their works. You can reach The Lafayette House at 1-800-416-1772. They are located at 1809 South Connor Ave. Joplin, Missouri.

On Saturday July 25, 2015 Itus Virtus will be having their 2nd Annual “Second Chances” poker run.
All the proceeds will go towards supporting The Lafayette House. If you want to join the motorcycle ride be at Powersports in Joplin at 10:30 am. The ride starts at 11 am and ends at 5:00 pm. Call Digi at 918-261-5668 for further information.

Acts Media Group supports non-profits whose mission and vision involves a social issue. Helping families affected by domestic violence and addictions is assuredly one of these major social issues needing our promotion. We applaud the efforts of The Lafayette House and invite you to tell us about other non-profits answering the call of need for a social issue. Our email is

Dr. James R. Wining, President
Acts Media Group
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