“The Choice of Loyalty & Obedience in November 2016 Part II”



After receiving cryptic remarks about the validity of this article I believe pragmatism desires a response. However, neither do I object to the responses nor do I vindicate those lax on their appreciation of Christian history.

Christianity and Jesus have a long history of “Doing Business with Evil Sinners.” In fact, I personally doubt Christianity would ever have reached its Billions of followers without the “The Art of Comprise and The Art of Peaceful coexistence.”  Like today Jesus knew he was in an unfavorable world and he would have to take one step at a time. His pragmatic approach was to love, cooperate and enjoin leadership to the beliefs of Christianity. Assuredly, he knew the most likely and proceeded.

He started with disciples and picked around BC/AD time Matthew a tax collector.  Scribes and Pharisees called Matthew “An Evil Sinner,” cursed by God and anyone associated with him also cured by God. Jesus ate at his house, accepted his sustenance, fellow-shipped and eventually worshiped together. Matthew is considered the writer of the first book in The New Testament “The Gospels.”

Now around 50 AD comes Saul of Tarsus an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi who persecuted Christians and in fact participated in their murders.  Moreover, Saul was present and likely participated in the murder of Stephen a well know Christian evangelist in 1st century. Saul not by man’s hand but by The Holy Spirit received a conversion and became Christianity’s church planter, Bible writer and earlier leader.

Although the story continues to 2016 and the USA, I will end this Christianity history with King Constantine around 300 AD. The King was pagan yet the pressure of his mother, family and close friends impressed upon him the importance of being a Christian.  Therefore, he proclaimed himself “The First Emperor of Christianity,” thus making Christianity legal, acceptable and available throughout The Roman world. Later in life he professed that he believed ruling Christians made him Christian; however, his self evaluation changed as he was baptized and attended worship frequently.

You tell me who we should work with for a Christian change? Doing nothing by not voting is disrespectful and an abandonment of Christian history, evangelism and Jesus.

Dr. James R. Wining