“The Choice of Loyalty & Obedience in November 2016” by Dr. James R. Wining






Jesus was persecuted by his people and ridiculed by his government unto death.
The social media of the time watched in huge crowds yet not “12” were brave enough to stand the “change.”
Many believed, some participated but none at the moment of decision stood with Jesus.
In fact among his closest “12” supporters one betrayed him, one denied him and one doubted him.
The end result were centuries of conflict, hatred and discord never ending to this time instead of centuries of abundant opportunity.

The USA like Israel was set part. Israel for the Jew and the USA for the rest of mankind irrespective of religion, color, ethnic background or nationality. The only given requirements were loyalty to the country, obedience to the constitution its Bill of Rights and amendments and  tangentially respect for one another. Neither the State of Israel nor the USA require love, peace, understanding or patience to be blessed by your circumstances.

Today we have “the choice.” We face three challenges 1. A society that allows people into the country that are neither loyal or obedient, 2.A society that is “government driven,” not “opportunity driven.” and finally 3.A society that does not respect life, justice and personal sacrifice for the greater good. This intersection of life choices the USA has faced in 1776, 1812,1861,1914,1941,1973 and now 2016. First, there was a difficult choice. Second, there was a difficult decision with much conflict. Finally third, the result was unity, growth and a new prosperity.

Given the vision of the USA, its purpose and it’s history isn’t the choice clearly evident? Given the defense of our country from those disloyal and disobedient, isn’t the choice clearly evident? Given the USA was established for the loyal and obedient refugees isn’t protection of the USA the choice clearly evident? Moreover, what about the defenseless, the defenders, the hard working and the entrepreneur’s isn’t the choice clearly evident?

Let’s see which choice abandoned our public servants and soldiers that were in “Harm’s Way?” Which choice disrespected the security of our country? Which choice welcomes those that are disloyal and disobedient to the point of violence against our people and country? Which choice lied to the US Congress and FBI/US Justice Department?

Focus on the beautiful vision of the USA and which choice fits? Mrs. Hillary Clinton or Mr. Donald Trump. Please, send me your answer !

God Bless,

Dr. James R. Wining