“Take Control Part II, a Sad Day” by Dr. James R. Wining

Organizers in cities across the U.S. are telling immigrants to miss class, miss work and not shop on Thursday as a way to show the country how important they are to America’s economy and way of life.


Recent election results, fundraising and action groups have pointed to the degradation of the US Democratic Party. In “Take Control,” it was pointed out that the three key social-economic groups appear to have abandon the Democratic Party. These groups are small business, labor and land wealth agrarians. All are interested in tax cuts, health insurance change, more jobs and less regulation. The Democratic Party stands are juxtapose from their wants, needs and desires!  


This end result is a body of people who are historically motivational in their interests to seek social unrest and violence.  This is totally outside the frame work of “Peaceful Protest,” for Civil and Human rights movements in the past. It is only a short period of time before Afro-America and Hispanic Groups leave the Democratic Party for safer, politically more effective and socially more explainable ground for their human wants, needs and desires. When major urban projects with combined private and public funding unite to deliver a “Face Lift” for inner cites such as Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Miami the worm turns another degree away from the Democratic Party.

Again the remaining and most likely final groups will consist of socialists, communists, anarchists, and general political malcontents. I doubt this problem for the Democratic Party can be avoided at this late stage. As they become more and more brazen, loud, judgmental and pungent in their attacks, the general public normally slow and inconsistent with its reactions will on these occasions be unable to delineate the violent actions of the Democratic Party and terrorist groups. Another bad timing factor for the degrading Democratic Party.

When all is said and down with most likely any measurable accomplishment of the Trump administration will bring the end to the Democratic Party and the emergence of many smaller fractional interests groups framed “Political Party.” Maybe one will be the Christian Democratic Party for all religions, all stages of life and all colors of the rainbow? We can only hope!!!