“Take Control,” by Dr. James R. Wining


During the time period 1912-1920 anti-government movement was lead by four time presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs from Indiana. He supported verbal and physical resistance against the pro-business environment primarily before the Great Depression of 1929. Originally a Democrat then turned socialist he eventually would be jailed and raised as a traitor to American values even after winning nearly 1 million voters.

Unfortunately, the unchecked business environment of Presidents Wilson, Harding, Coolidge and Hoover resulted in economic weaknesses that supported inflated investment values but reduced material production. Millions would lose their jobs and savings to a country under reacting and over stating basic social and economic conditions.

There is absolutely nothing unusual about Socialist Senators Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren within the Democratic Party framework. However, what is unusual is the Democratic Party that is driven by the extreme left. In this instance special interest groups not connected to workers, small business or agrarian interests have taken over the party’s power. Left only are special Civil Rights groups such as the Afro-American, Hispanic American and sexual minority groups.

These groups historically are dependent based and not independent based. They do not control large blocks of money (Unions), food and land wealth (agrarian) or have established networking system (small business.)
They have limited means of expressing their power without violence and constant social unrest. Therefore, the Democratic Party by its inability to control its composition has become an inward tool for outward civil violence and discord.

The future is quite predictable the “so-called suppressed,” Democratic Party will become more and more violent to the point that emerging Civil Rights groups within the Afro and Hispanic groups will leave. Political power established in the 2016 Elections will grow past the magical 80% in congress and The Senate. Laws will be passed continually limiting our civil rights. I am not an advocate of Armageddon but clearly if the Democratic Party doesn’t take control of itself the future for America is worse than during the times preceding the Great Depression and thereafter!