State Senator Jason Holsman endorses “New Approach Missouri,” Petition




Dear James,

As a state legislator, I’ve supported medical cannabis in the Missouri General Assembly for the past decade. Many of our friends and neighbors are suffering from debilitating medical conditions that cannabis has demonstrated an ability to provide relief. I’ve worked tirelessly with my colleagues to pass sensible legislation to provide patients access to medical cannabis, and, while the perception around the issue is changing, true meaningful reform will have to come from the people.

I’m proud to announce my endorsement of New Approach Missouri’s medical cannabis initiative. It’s a common sense initiative that would give patients access to medicine in consultation with their physician.

Let’s be clear: while endorsements help campaigns, this campaign desperately needs financial support for its massive signature gathering effort. That’s why I’m contributing $2,500 today. If you’re ready to vote yes for medical cannabis come November, now is the time to join me and give $10, $25 or whatever you can to make sure this campaign has the funding it needs to put this initiative on the ballot. Sick and dying patients across the state are depending on us!


This medical cannabis campaign is picking up steam at just the right time. In the past couple weeks, they’ve gathered tens of thousands of signatures and now have over 150,000 of the 250,000 signatures they plan to collect to ensure this measure is placed on the ballot. What’s behind this momentum boost? An incredible month of fundraising in March allowed hard-working signature gatherers to go out in even greater numbers. Let’s make sure the campaign carries this momentum into April!
Donate $25


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Warm regards,


State Senator Jason Holsman


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