“Spread the Good News,” by Dr. James R. Wining

Recently, I watched a TV news report. The reporter announced ” One
in six consumer products or services provided resulted in dissatisfaction.”
Moreover, the general news reporting and general theme of media com-
munication is violence and moral degradation based. This project is based
in Missouri’s Best and seeks to find businesses “Doing the Right Thing.”
We wish to recognize activities that are positive and beneficial to society.
Such activities would be an uplifting and encouraging with a contagious
potential to spread through out state.

Please, send us via email a brief summary of a business “Doing the Right
Thing.” The email is 4321acts@gmail.com. We are looking for instances
of help without the motivation of gain or public awareness. It can be as simple
as providing food to a family suffering from grief or allowing its business
to house meetings for a social issue/cause. Their actions make a positive
statement about the community support and the human care factor.

Missouri’s Best is part of our nonprofit efforts providing a low cost public
service for the community. Finding those caught doing the right thing and
possibly spotlighting these enterprises in Missouri’s Best.will do the following:
1) Encourage other businesses to do the same thing, 2) Encourage hope in
situations previously deemed hopeless,3) Reward businesses so recognized
with more business and 4) Improve the general quality of life by improved
reliability, accountability, compassion and help.

Initially, we will highlight every business mentioned above. They will be
recognized on our Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/actsmediagroup/
This is irrespective of their posting an ad on Missouri’s Best. Obviously, with the cost
at only $75 per year for an ad we believe it to be affordable for everyone or anyone who
feels called to pay for a business listing. Its up to them.

Be a reporter and send us names of those “Good Businesses” now and
be a “Good News Reported!!!” You can spread the good news.



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