Silence does not mean a lack of love by Evangelist Sam Biggers

Sometimes we have to remain silent in sharing Christ because no words can explain what’s going on in our mind and heart.

There will be days when the Holy Spirit directions the steps of our walk to reflect the image of Christ rather than the words of our heart.  During these days we are to “pray without creasing.” Thus, as we go quietly about the daily grind of life, we are living in peace with God and allowing the fragrance of His presence to be seen rather than heard.  The kind words of “Hi, how are you today” spoken boldly in an elevator or at the grocery store with a smile on our face may be the hammer of God breaking the ice within the soul of a heart of despair.  He hears our silent prayers of compassion for His grace to blanket icy hearts with the warmth of His love.

If we attempt to ‘fake the mantle of the anointing’ of the Holy Spirit, we risk sharing out of a self-righteous spirit rather than out of the rivers of life of God’s grace to mankind.  A kind greeting with a gentle smile, while praying silently within our heart for an individual, may be all God desires from us on that particular day.  It may be at that encounter God begins to prepare the soil of the heart of the person to whom the warm smile of acceptance was given for seed of the Great News of Gospel to be sow in abundance on another day.

Please don’t walk carelessly through life.  Live each moment with an expectation that God is in control.  Please allow the Holy Spirit to speak through your life in deed as well as word.  Words spoken in haste often fail to communicate the heart of God when we attempt to force our opinion upon someone.  However, once the gentle rain of the love of God has been poured out of our heart in kindness, the door of acceptance swings open without any effort on our behalf and God walks through the door into the icy heart by using the gentle words of our mouth.

Please allow the words of David, the Psalmist, to speak to us during the moments of silence by our tongue but reflect deeply the thoughts of our heart toward those who need Christ: “May the words of my mouth and the mediation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, My rock and my redeemer.”