“Set a Good Example,” Part 1 & “Be Fruitful in Your Works,” Part 2. by Pastor Johnny Morris





Part 1. “Set a Good Example”

In following up on yesterday’s “Word” dealing with the subject of the Purpose, Power, and Potential of those who believe, follow, and trust in Jesus Christ, we must address the ministry of ‘example’. In theology, we like to refer to it as ‘being a witness’ for the Lord. “Living what you believe”. It must be a spiritual commitment interwoven into your lifestyle daily reflecting the presence of God in you life. It must be evident in everything you think, say, or do. If you love God, follow His Son and depend on the power of His Holy Spirit by showing it in the way you live. Will you fail at times? Absolutely! But, Hey, don’t forget, you serve a loving God, full of grace and mercy that knows your heart and forgives. He is a God of restoration and re-empowerment. Allow Him to pick you up, dust you off with loving correction and encouragement, and put you back on the right path. God uses our failures many times to make us stronger in our journey of righteousness, which must always include being a ‘example’ of the Christ we follow.
In Hebrews 12:1, we are reminded,”Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”.We do this by fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

Everybody is an example of something. The question is, an example of what? Give some thought today to who is watching you and what they are seeing. Honor the God in your life by being a real example(witness) of who He desires you to be. It will change a life, and it just might be yours.

“The light of a holy example is the gospel’s main argument” by R.L. Dabney

Part 2. “Be Fruitful in Your Works”
Have you ever given much thought to the purpose, power, and potential of God’s command in Genesis 1:28a, “Be fruitful, and multiply”? Of course, we know He was talking about increasing the world’s population, and the authority to subdue it and rule over it. But, I also believe He was giving us individual instruction and encouragement to discover the purpose for which He made us, and for us to give ourselves fully to that purpose.

Have you ever watched someone who was very, very good at something. A great athlete, artist or surgeon. Maybe a craftsman of some sort, a welder, plumber, cook, carpenter, teacher, or speaker. They were amazingly skilled at what they were doing. It’s seemed as if it was simply what they were meant to do. They knew it, loved it and took pleasure in doing it. They seemed to find great satisfaction in doing it well. I believe these type people have found their calling; their true purpose in life. They exude a contagious excitement, drive and direction in their lives as they live in harmony with their God given ‘gift’ or ‘gifts’ used in carrying out their purpose. Most of them have simply found a way to get paid for doing something they love. Once we truly begin to serve God in this way, with all our heart, we realize money never replaces purpose. When we finally find the thing we would gladly do for ‘free’, there’s a good chance we have found our
calling, or purpose.

One thing is very clear as you read through Genesis 1, we were made in the image of God with a built-in desire and drive to create. When we begin to become aware of our calling, we begin to realize the desire to give birth to something that God has laid on our heart. When this happens, God supplies the power of accomplishment thru “His Holy Spirit”, allowing us to reach our full potential.

However, we can be our own stumbling block to His plan for our lives by not placing our belief and faith in Jesus Christ, and allowing Jesus to lead us to the Father. Then, we can also stop, or hinder that process by not walking in true faith and power in that relationship, thereby not recognizing or having the courage to respond to God’s purpose. But when we do answer His call, we discover who we really are in Him. Then as we answer His call ‘of purpose’ through our unique gifts, we begin to honor His command– “Be fruitful, and multiply”. This means we may be called to give ‘birth’ to a new business, invention, or cure that will benefit or meet the needs of others that are desperately lost, confused, depressed, downtrodden, or forgotten. It will also place us in a amazing and fulfilling position to carry out the overall purpose of our relationship with Jesus Christ(Great Commission), as well as be in harmony with accepting and carrying out our individual purpose of being ‘fruitful and multiplying’ His Divine influence in building His Kingdom here on earth.
It’s up to you and me to answer His call, recognize our gift(gifts), and be obedient to His command.
God Bless and be fruitful!

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