“Rise Up Warriors” by Graham Cooke provide by Pastor Shelia Hart Artt



It has been my great privilege for the last 12-years to work with an amazing group of women here in Branson Missouri – a group who chose me. NO! They have “honored” me by asking me to come along-side of them and help them show respect and appreciation to other women of their ranks – Women Veterans from the Armed Forces of our nation.

Today, November 8, 2015 I hosted another of their Rose Petal Ceremonies and Women Veteran’s Luncheon. As I prepared, as Chaplain of this group, to share with them, I listened to Graham Cooke’s teaching entitled “Rise Up Warriors,” to bring both words of comfort and to challenge them spiritually, I was overwhelmed with Holy Spirit unction with a Word that I believe applies to men and women who have served our nation , and a generation of mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles and leaders in our nation.
Pastor Shelia Hart Artt
                                                         RISE UP – WARRIORS!
What a difference your military service has made in your life!
You have become a better person because of your military training!
You have tasted both victory and defeat – and you know that you cannot settle for defeat!
You have embraced a faithful life-style.
You have learned the importance of labor – and of rest.
You know how to refuse weariness – and overcome stress.
You have been called UP – to be an overcomer.
– A soldier is NOT a “survivor” – A soldier IS an OVERCOMER!
You have been called to walk the way of the Warrior!
In the “heat of the battle” – a trained and prepared soldier – a True Soldier – cannot walk away!
You have been equipped by your training and experiences to walk strong and Victoriously in the Battlefields of life!
You cannot settle for mediocrity – You always push forward to more!
You cannot tolerate “smallness of mind”
– Your satisfaction is found in something MORE than others might settle for.
You embrace the Challenge. You embrace the Truth.
You see life from a different perspective and impact the lives of those around who cannot see what your eyes have been trained to observe.
If there ever was a time that your country needed experienced Warriors – it is now!
If there ever was a time that the next generation needed your wisdom – your strength – your discipline – IT IS NOW!
So today – as we remember those who have given their life – for what our nation seems to have forgotten – REMIND THEM!
By your very life – they will be reminded – because of your sacrifice.
You have paid the price! You have made the sacrifice!
You have earned the right – to speak to this new generation – to make a difference in their lives!
To change the heart of a nation – at every opportunity!
“Throw yourself into this work (for the sake of Christ). Pass on what you heard—to reliable leaders who are competent to teach others. When the going gets rough, take it on the chin (the way Jesus did.)
“A soldier on duty doesn’t get caught up in making deals that are cheap. He concentrates on carrying out orders.” (2Tim.2:2-4)
~ Shelia Hart Artt ~ Nov.8,2015.

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