Revival: Dry Ground, Dry grass And Dry Creek Beds By Evangelist Sam Biggers


What does dry ground, dry grass and dry creek beds have in common?  I woke up this morning with this on my mind.  As I sit down to read and meditate upon this thought this morning during my quite time with God; it was as a word from the Lord to me.  Dry ground, dry grass and dry creek beds all need rain – tiny droplets of water to fall from heaven.

Only the droplets of water, as they begin to fall upon the dry ground, can bring renewed life to the dry grass and fruit of the earth and produce fresh, living, renewing water to begin to flow again in a dry creek bed which then results in abundant growth and a bountiful harvest.

If we follow Jesus, the Messiah, we are all like the fruit of the ground.  We are here for a few moments and then life is over and eternity arrives for us.  Those who have a relationship with the Lord are called to be fruitful vines to grow and flow out of the walls of our heart and extended to those who need Jesus.  Those who do not know Christ as like weeds and undesirable brush.  Both need water – however, the pleasant fruit of the earth has value to the landowner – the Lord of the harvest.

The precious fruit of the earth, including vines and grass, need water and nutrition to spring up and bear fruit worthy of harvest.  Further, when planted and properly tilled, the fruit of the ground push out the weeds.  The landowner has the responsibility to care for the land, prune the vines of the earth while waiting patiently for the crop to grow and yield produce in order to harvest the fruit.  The Lord of the harvest sends both the rain and carefully works on the soil to keep it fertile and productive.

This is a picture of where we often stand in the presence of the Lord.  We often find ourselves standing on dry ground.  Our heart is dry and thirsty, desiring and seeking for spiritual water to fill it.  God desires to send revival to the earth – the rain of His presence to soak our heart in His love, fill it full of mercy so we can live and walk with a pure heart.  He is looking for dry, thirsty, hungry hearts who desire the Holy Spirit to come as refreshing rain and bring renewed life and freedom to drink from overflowing rivers of water from the throne of God.

What is our responsibility to the Lord of the harvest?  Answer: to come before Him just as we are – dry, thirsty, hungry and desiring the rain of His presence – willing to humble our hearts, repent of our failures, seek His fact and turn away from the world to faithfully serve Him.  If we do, He will send revival to our individual hearts.  It starts with me.

How pleasant it is view dark rain clouds rise in the distance sky, watch the lightening strike the ground, hear the sound of thunder, smell the approaching droplets of water and stand in its presence as it comes down to water a dry and thirsty land.  This is where we are today.  God is the landowner.  He desires to send the Holy Spirit, cultivate the hearts of His people with and through His word, the Bible.  He desires a harvest.  In fact, Jesus told His disciples that the fields are already white and ready for harvest as He was ministering in Samaria immediately following His encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well.

He turned a dry, drying weed who approached the well into a living fruitful vine who began drinking from the living well of life.  She immediately turned and ran into the city to share: “Come, see a man who told me all the things that I have done; this is not the Christ, is it?” They went out of the city, and were coming to Him.” John 4:29-30.

Friends, if Jesus was willing to identify Himself as the Messiah to one of the lowest outcast of society, a woman who had been married five times and living with a sixth man, and cause a revival to break out in Samaria – He can do the same today.

We need the rain of the Holy Spirit to begin to drop upon us, soak into our dry and thirsty hearts, melt the heart of stone, wash away the dust of this life and nourish us through His word so that the power of Christ within us will be renewed, revived, restored and refreshed to bring us together in the love of God to reach our dry, dying and dead society.

Are you a candidate for revival?  Are you willing to allow the Holy Spirit stir your heart, fill it with passion to grow in your relationship with God, willing to jump into a roaring river of God and to become a faithful witness, obeying the command of Jesus to fulfill the Great Commission by going into all the earth and allowing God, through us, to make disciples, not spiritual infants, immediately obedient to Christ and allow Him to mold us into righteous, holy and powerful giants, full of the Holy Spirit in order that we may bring forth much fruit for His Kingdom?

I am ready and desire a great spiritual awakening.  I am asking for the presence of the Holy Spirit to come to us – today, not tomorrow – to revive our dry heart, renew our passion to know Christ and the power of His resurrection, restore our zeal to seek who outside the walls of salvation be saved and refresh our heart will overflowing waters of life.  Do you have this passion; then pray for the rain of the Holy Spirit to fall.