A Review of “The Accountant,” by Dr. James R. Wining


jwining3115.jpgindividualThere are three characters to watch in “The Accountant.” They are the father, the brother and of course the autistic person-The Accountant. The setting is a violent autistic son, a stern father, a dependent brother and an abandonment mother . The mother is a non-character representing only incidental impact. However, rolled together the story plays out in adult life exactly what is implanted  at youth. The question is does the story seem plausible.

The Christmas scene is violent, the father is physically able to restrain the autistic boy and the mom exits and never returns. Later we learn she restarted her life and was not involved with her two sons. The father with military background employs techniques to help develop his son’s protection skills. The brother follows along and the boys become anti-social and violently equipped with extreme learning abilities.

Since divorce, male physical domination, violence, sibley codependence, extreme anti-social behavior and unusual intellectual ability are all reasonable outcomes the movie is a good probable story about family life in one type of autistic family.