“Reaching the World with Acts Media Group,” by Dr. James R. Wining


Recently, I discovered ministers were traveling from distant locations and exceedingly excited about visiting an Internet Christian Market with a household stream of 250,000. While this is a significant accomplishment it does point out the importance of Acts Television Network and its accomplishments these past three years. Regretfully, I have not fully revealed this significant tool to the ministries, ministers or non-profits have in Acts Television Network. Furthermore, the companion services from The Real News-Review, Acts Radio and ShowMe Missouri’s Best that push the household market well over 1 million.

Our server HostMonster has monitored our public attention less spam, robotics and other junk number calculations for the past three years. We know our following is both secular and Christian and is particularly focused on social issues such as autism, morals & ethics, Christianity, homelessness, veterans and political awareness. Therefore, we are not limited to a Christian market but in stead a market “ripe” for Christian Evangelism in the secular world.

Please, be advised for ministers, ministries and non-profits in “Good Standing,” including SRG Filings with Acts Ministry, Inc. they receive this service for FREE! Acts Ministry is a para-church organization supporting Christian and secular organizations “That are Doing the Right Thing,” and by doing so promote our vision “Unity in Christ through the Holy Spirit.” Call us for procedural details at 816-457-0955 or Email us at 4321acts@gmail.com