Racing for Autism

Mr. Randy Mooneyham on behalf of Mars (Mid American Racing Series) is committed to helping individuals and families affected by autism. Acts Media Group (A Division of Acts Ministry, Inc.) has developed several programs designed to help those affected by autism in three ways: 1. Educate the families and individuals affected by autism and the general public about autism, 2. Entertainment that is safe and family friendly for families affected by autism and 3. Equalization of opportunities for those affected by autism through educational and job opportunities.

The Mars Racing event Saturday June 19, 2015 at the Monett Speedway in Monett, Missouri is all about making racing a family friendly event for those families affected by autism. Recently, at The Bike and Car Show for Autism Awareness at Republic, Missouri several of the Mars’ drivers came with their “really cool” race cars. Without cranking the race cars up in sound they quietly rolled them in place and maned their vehicles. They came ready and willing to show their cars and sign autographs! This same procedure will be used again at this race from 5 pm-6 pm.

Each child or parent on his/her behave with autism will be required to answer a few questions and be sound sensitive tested. A season “Gold Pass” will be awarded to each child meeting the safe admission requirements. Also, for this race only, each admitted child with autism will be admitted free along with his/her parents/guardians (who will be admitted free.)

Sound sensitive hearing devises will be made available without cost for autistic children. Special seating arrangements will be provided in order to maximize view and reduce any physical agitation such as flying dirt or bright lights. With a divorce rate of nearly 80% this event provides families affected by autism an opportunity to come together and enjoy a positive life activity. A portion of each ticket is donated to support these autism works, so by showing up you will be having fun and “Doing the Right Thing.”

Dr. James R. Wining

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