“Purpose,” by Jackie Jasik contributed by Dr. Jane Campbell


clockWhat are you doing right now. 

This very moment.
Are you happy? Sad? Content?
What have you accomplished today?
Have you made someone smile? Have you helped someone?
What do you feel your purpose is today?
So many of us go though life
never knowing why we’re here, why we deal with the situations, 
and the struggles that we do. 
We live like leaves many times.
We grow, we change, we go through seasons.
And then one day we die. and fall away, and are blown
any which way by the sorrows,
the pain and the emotions. 
There has to be more to life than this. 

So. How are you spending your time?
Are you doing something productive? Constructive?
Or are you just sitting around
 letting the devil get into your head,
and opening yourself up to bad attitudes and depression.
We’ve been given this short time on earth.
And you get to choose how you want to spend it.There’s these two girls who I’m friends with,
 you know what they’re doing?
They’re spending time making quilts
 and blankets to give to a hospital,
for the little drug babies. That’s inspiring.
Another girl I know goes every week
and volunteers at a nursing home.
They’re spending their time productively. Helping others.You may say “I have nothing to do where I live.” or
“I’m too young for anything like that.”

Find something.

Try things out. Discover new places.

 I tried volunteering at my
local nursing home for a few months. I found out
 that it just wasn’t for me, and
I don’t plan on continuing for very much longer.
And that’s’ totally okay.
Not everything you try is going to spark interest in you,
and your not going to love everything.
But amongst all those things, find something
 your passionate about, And pursue it.
For me, it’s photography. Fashion. Art. Creativity. I’m not gonna lie, it may take you an entire lifetime to figure out
what your purpose is, and you may even never know.
You have to trust in God.
As a Christian, I believe I’m called according to His purpose.
I’m called to serve him, to run this race.
And I believe that there will be a great reward.
We don’t have much time left on this
 earth, but the time we do have,
lets spend it productively. Let’s be a witness to someone.
We may be the only Jesus they’ll ever see. I personally have been going through a lot of mind battles, and struggles. But
I know there’s a bigger picture. There always is.
And so instead of moping around and letting it get me down,
I’m gonna put a smile on my face and try to encourage others.
That’s what we all need to do. We need to lift each other up in prayer.
You never know what someone else is going through.

Be Kind.

I know I’ve been all over the place on this post,
and I know its not very long.
 But the point I’m trying to make is,
don’t let the devil take control of your actions. You’ve been given this
life for a reason. Every day that you’ve been given has a purpose.
Everything has meaning.
Be productive, help people, be a witness.

Your time is something that you cannot get back.
Use it wisely.