“What is the Presidency?” by Dr. James R. Wining


trumpElecting a USA president is all about bringing into unity as many states as possible to collect their respective electoral votes and reach 270 electoral votes. Yes, you need a majority of voters in a state to win their electoral votes but that’s when the popularity contest ends.

The objective of the Presidency is not a “popularity contest,” but rather a gathering together of as many semi-autonomous governments as possible to promote a strong centralized government for collective defense and social-economic cohesiveness. Winning the popularity contest has everything to do with building consensus of states through social, ethic, religious, labor, age, etc ties that are developed externally and internally among selected states.

Mr. Trump took a business approach to picking the states to collectivize. He selected energy states, manufacturing states, religious states, and white states. Mainstream media and Mrs. Clinton never figured it out. He spent 100% of his time, money and orations building unity of these kinds of people who were a majority in “The Rust Belt,” “The Bible Belt,” and “The Energy/Manufacturing States.” 

He cared little about their traditional voting. He was only interested in their practical personal wants. needs and desires. Absolutely nothing was expended on moral or social justice consensus. The only thing slightly theoretical or emotional was his appeal to those who felt they were”Left out and Passed over.” Combining these two factors- emotionalism and economic opportunity in similar circumstanced states turned into a win. Again absolutely nothing to do about politics but everything to do with business planning.  

Trump “Trumped” the politicians with plain old simple business over politics and he won.