“Politically Correct,” by Dr. James R. Wining



Yesterday afternoon December 14, 2016, I was headed back from Kansas City to Lee’s Summit and was listening on SIRIUS Radio Fox News. I do not remember who all was talking but my favorite political commentator was on Mr.Juan Williams. I have followed his career from NPR and greatly respected his observations and opinions. What I appreciated the most was his predisposed attitude of openness and respect for difference. The epitome of tolerance!

As I was listening to the political commentators the subject of President-elect Donald Trump’s speech the night before on December 13, 2016, came up. Several points were discussed including his remarks from the podium, “Merry Christmas.” Mr. Williams referred to his statement as “Small Ball,” in the content of things to address or words to that effect. Regardless, of his religious affiliation or non-affiliation his remarks demeans Christians, the Holiness of the words “Merry Christmas,” and assuredly fosters disrespect around the world for Christians and for Christian Missionaries around the world.  If the USA doesn’t respect and thereby, protect its Christians who will?

Acts Ministry, Inc. is a Parachurch organization in support of Christian Organizations that are church and non-church based located around the world. We think his remarks strike right against one of the core responsibilities of our National Government.  The United States has the duty of preserving religious freedom and inherently protecting this right. Acts Ministry, and myself assuredly respect other religious celebrations and would never referred to Hanukkah, Ramadan or others as “Small Ball.”, What’s wrong with Mr. Williams or for that matter what’s wrong with a “Political Watchdog” such as Mr. Juan Williams that claims “Political Correctness,” while looking down his nose and making fun of the Christian celebration of life, eternity, love, peace, compassion and understanding.

What’s wrong?  Up to this point we have not held them accountable and called out such insensitive hate inspired remarks. Nor have we challenged their bias and insensitive remarks. Writers, preachers, teachers, non-profits, churches, and any other organization supporting “Doing the right thing,” needs to stand up for organizations Christian based just as we stand up for organizations for the disabled, the homeless, the veterans, the minorities, and so on. Remember Hitler allowed verbal attacks on Jews, Masons and certain Christians sects.We know the results from the right but what about the left? Be active call out this “Political INcorrectness,”