“Personality or Character,” by Dr. James R. Wining



I imagine most of you reading this article have a sharp mind and quick
sense of “bull” or substance. Definitely Mr. Trump was what he is at the debate.
He is a “New York Yankee Businessman,” who will always be a sophisticated
crude leader. I believe its the best he can do.

Definitely, we also saw Mrs. Clinton at her best. Her smile looked sincere
her Trump research ancient, and her worldly grasp of local and international
issues refreshingly mundane! I found no solutions given by Mrs. Clinton for race
problems, crime, jobs, Mideast conflict, trade or overseas military expense..

Hey, I don’t want to hear my country called 3rd world, my leaders called
weak against Russian President Putin or our trade deals stupid with Mexico,
China and elsewhere. His remarks stimulated my thinking to action something
most of us have lost during these past  Bush-Clinton years.

Mr. Trump is championing economic growth for the inter-cities and that means
blacks-whites and Hispanics. He does not offer 20 years of promise for the situation
but a business plan. It all seems to start with bringing $5 trillion in USA cash back
along with businesses and jobs. All of which requires a society change toward
law and order, balance energy, and a fair worldwide military economic policy.

Mr. Trump’s views and solutions may not sell to voters but the alternative appears
to be more of a downward fall. The ignorance of business vision for our country by
Mrs. Clinton makes us vulnerable to worldwide competitors, business minded
governments and geo-political economic groups bent on controlling the USA
and the world.

America must toughen up and focus on the real words not sweet appeasement.