“Ordered Steps,” Part 4 by Wylie Comp Faith Harvest Ministries

staircaseSome notable facts: (1) From commencement of my work in Branson I had missed no scheduled work days. (2) During the last three weeks prior to the event on the 6th of August, I was responsible for thirteen tours. Nine on-property tours were required. Four customers were on-property guests and had no need for a walking-tour. (3) Of the nine customers actually requiring an on-property tour, for reasons obvious and not, all requested transportation via a golf-cart. So, instead of “long walks” during the heat of the day, I toured via a golf-cart. This was a blessing for me because I had been experiencing some shortness of breath. With little imagination it would not be difficult seeing myself succumbing to some type of physical malady, perhaps a heart attack or a stroke during a walking-tour. Ordered Steps.
Instead of being on the road to or from, or actually in Branson, on the day of the event, I was at home in Springfield with my wife when the heart attack occurred in the early hours of the day. And, our home is only blocks from the hospital ER. Ordered Steps.
Steps During
I walked into the ER at the hospital and just as I was collapsing out of the arms of my wife, someone slid a wheel chair under me and I was off, down the corridor to the examining room. That someone was not there when we entered the ER. Ordered Steps.
The medical staff in the ER examination room quickly made the call without going through a battery of tests and declared my condition as a heart attack and I was prepped for immediate surgery. The cardiovascular surgeon was on-site and ready to perform in the operating room within minutes of my arrival. Ordered Steps.
Totally out of my conscious understanding, but not God’s, the surgeon quickly set to work, discovered the situation and took the necessary steps to correct the problem. I was operating with 10% heart function as a result of congestive heart failure. With the surgical improvements in place I advanced to 25% heart function, with an irregular heartbeat. I awoke in that condition in an ICU room where I was scheduled for an additional treatment to correct the arrhythmia. The treatment was unsuccessful and I was sent to a regular room in the hospital to await further developments.

 Around 2:00 a.m. the next morning I was told by the attending nurse that my
“sinus rhythm” was normal. Somewhere between 11:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.
God reached down, touched my heart and it returned to a normal heartbeat.
Ordered Steps

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