“Ordered Steps” part 2 by Wylie Comp with Faith Harvest Ministeries

1. Accounting of God’s personal involvement in the life and affairs
of one of His servants.
Part Two The Pause:
I was taken to the hospital emergency room and into an examination room
where the magnitude of my situation was audibly exclaimed by the medical
staff who were assessing and addressing my condition. All were in agreement
that I was experiencing a heart attack and their actions were directed by
protocol. While my thoughts were gripped by the seriousness of the event,
they took control of the moment. I went directly to God and submitted my
personal understanding to Him that I wasn’t done with what He had called me
to do. I surrendered to His will and asked Him if it was time for me to come
His answer was immediate and the Holy Spirit simply and loudly said
“No.” It was so real and so audible. I’m still amazed everyone in the room
didn’t hear it. Or, perhaps they did. In any event I heard it and peace, His
peace, took control. When the episode was complete, I woke up in an ICU
room with renewed assurance that God was in charge and without doubt,
none of this circumstance had caught Him by surprise. My thoughts drifted
into revisiting some of the recent steps I now know God had ordered for my
Steps Before
Several weeks prior to the heart attack I had been mowing my lawn.
Something I did as a matter of course for some physical exercise and the fact
the yard needed to be mowed.On that particular mowing adventure I ran
over an exposed tree root and bent the blade on the mower. Unusual on this
occurrence because I had pushed that same mower over that same root many
times before with no negative results.
A bent blade is unacceptable and a replacement was necessary. But, try as I
might, I could not get the blade off of the mower. So I took the mower, blade
on, to the shop and asked them to replace the blade. Later that day a shop rep
called to tell me they had the blade off but in the process they had discovered
the shaft was bent. He also told me the cost to repair the engine exceeded the
value of the mower. So, how does this relate to God ordering my steps?
It came together pretty well when I understood that in previous years I had
easily removed the blade for sharpening. This year I could not get it off of the
mower. Had I been able to remove the blade on my own, I would have simply
replaced it and “banged on” with a bent shaft. All while my as yet
undiscovered heart condition grew worse during the warmest season of the
year. So, God made my lawn mowing activities a “not at this time” thing which
removed me from the process and an eminent probability of succumbing to
the heat and exhaustion as a result of my heart condition.
Ordered Steps


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